Why Should I Use A Recruitment Agency?

Thinking of changing jobs? Don’t know where to begin? The idea of change can be confronting, but with the help of a specialist recruiter to find the perfect fit, it might not be so hard after all!

Here at 2XM Recruit, we want you to understand why engaging a recruitment agency can smooth the hiring process, and lead to endless possibilities. 


1. Knowledge of the Market

Recruiters are trained to recruit candidates in specific disciplines. The benefits of these consultants is that they are completely briefed on the ins-and-outs of the role they are recruiting for. They have a fantastic understanding of what skills you as a candidate can offer, and will be more than capable of finding opportunities best suited to them!

Often recruiters can partner with small businesses or large companies too, so they should always have a variety of options for you!


2. Helps with Employee Brand 

Whether you are starting out in the workforce, or are in the process of forging your career, a recruiter can assist with solidifying employee brand, which believe it or not, is actually a big thing these days!

With the likes of LinkedIn, it is important to understand what you can offer as a potential candidate along with what an employer can offer you. A recruiter is able to assist you with this by filtering jobs that potentially do not match who you are as an employee! 


3. Save Time

Everyone is time poor these days! It seems like people are super busy with their schedules outside of work. As a result, sometimes looking for a more suitable opportunity in the workplace is given less priority due to being busy. A recruiter can help you save time in this process!

You may need to take phone calls here and there while they begin to understand your employee brand and ideal opportunity. Other than that, they will work tirelessly in the background to organise a schedule that works best for you!


4. Culture 

Did you know that the majority of staff turnover can be attributed to mistakes made during the internal recruitment process of a company? As culture has also been identified as one of the key criteria for potential candidates, this is crucial!

During the recruitment process, you can be confident that your contact has scoped-out your potential workplace. Combining their understanding of the business, as well as your behavioural preferences, a recruiter will aim to select a potential employer best suited to you! 

Searching for a new job can be daunting, but at 2XM Recruit, we want to reassure you that we have all the tools to understand you as a candidate. We are confident that we can match potential candidates with the best jobs in mining, construction engineering and rail across Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. So why not take the leap and contact our team of specialist recruiters online or on info@2xmrecruit.com.au to find the perfect opportunity for you.