The Best Questions To Ask A Recruiter

Sometimes it is challenging to know what type of questions you should ask a recruiter. If a recruiter contacts you, they typically think that you will be suited to a role they are trying to fill. It is important to be able to ask the right questions to them about the position.

Not only will asking these questions help you make a great impression on the recruiter, the answers will also give you huge insight into future positions best suited to you!


How long has the position been open?

Asking this question will give you valuable insight into how many candidates may have already been interviewed for this position. If the advertisement has only just been listed, you may be the first candidate to go through the interview process.

However, you will need to be prepared for the interview process to be longer. On the other hand, if the job has been listed for a long time, this may also provide some insightful information into the internal culture of the company.


What is the turnover like at this company?

Ideally, companies will not have high turnover. This can lead to poor culture and questions around progression.

As high turnover at a company may present some challenges for you as a potential employee, it is worth understanding it at the recruiting stage. Your dream company may not be the best fit for you as a candidate! 


What are the top skills needed?

A recruiter can help you organise your resume and cover letter to show off your formal credentials. However, it is also really important that you can understand what soft skills are important for the role.

For example, if it is client facing, you will need to have great people skills. Knowing the formal qualifications as well as the soft skills required for the job will allow you to understand if you are the perfect fit for the role!


How quickly do you need to fill this position?

Knowing the answer to this question will help you to understand how quickly the hiring process may be. It is important to be engaged and eager in the process, but also understand that it may take some time to get responses.

A hiring process that takes longer is actually positive, because it reassures you that the company is really looking for the perfect candidate! 


What interview questions should I expect? 

Recruiters are not new to the interview game. Depending on the type of role you are going for, they will already know what type of questions to look out for! Be sure to ask them what you should be aware of and what type of answers could make you stand out from the crowd!

Hot tip: Have some of your own questions prepared to ask your interviewer! That will show that you are engaged and excited by the process.

If you want success through the interview process, be sure to ask these questions! At 2XM Recruit, we recommend being prepared by asking the right questions!

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