The 5 Best Questions To Ask In An Interview

Some interviews may feel like interrogations; although, they really shouldn’t! Remember that as much as you’re being interviewed, you’re also interviewing the company. The best potential candidates aren’t just trying to know what the company is thinking – they’re thinking about the companies next steps, and how well they’ll fit into those plans as a potential future employee. 

Asking questions in a job interview is an opportunity for you to demonstrate initiative to the interviewer. When faced with the question “Is there anything you’d like to ask us?” At the end of the interview, take the time to find out if the position you’re applying for is aligned with your own career goals. 

But – what should you ask when it’s your turn to question the interviewer? Here are 5 strong questions that will both make you memorable, and help you qualify if the job is right for you. 


1. “Could you describe a typical day in the life of someone fulfilling the position?”

If the job description mentions a mixture of different duties, it’s important to know how your time will be split. Success and happiness in the workplace all boils down to the nitty gritty of what you get up to every day in your 9-5, so it’s important to ensure that you’re comfortable with filling ALL your requirements. 

It might be that the aspect of the role you’re most excited about only comes up once every few months, and that the responsibilities you weren’t prepared for make up most of your duties. Whatever it is, asking this question will give you the clearest view on what the job really be like!


2. “Is there anything missing from my CV that you think would make me a more desirable candidate?”

Although you might not enjoy the answer, constructive criticism is always beneficial. It’s also an opportunity for you to address any gaps before the interviewer considers your application in the next steps. While this question gives the interviewer opportunities to resolve any reservations they may have about your skill set, it also ultimately provides you with an opportunity to find out how well your current talents or experience match the role. 


3. “What does success look like in this position, and how is it measured?”

This one gets straight to the point; what will you need to achieve in order for the company to be happy with your progress? Although the job advertisement may list 12 different responsibilities, your success may really hinge on just 2 of them. It’s important to consider whether or not you’ll be happy to exceed expectations on responsibilities most important to your potential employer.


4. “What’s your favourite part about working for the company?”

If you value a healthy workplace culture, the response to this question will be telling. If you’re thinking about forming lasting professional relationships for the long term, you’ll need to consider: where will you fit into the architecture of the company? Do you think you’ll gel well with other personalities on your team? Do you have shared interests and values?


5. “What are the next steps from here?”

Again, this question shows forward thinking to your interviewer – you’re excited about the role, and ready to get started as soon as you can! This question also covers you in terms of any other opportunities that come your way – it’s good to be able to keep your options open if something more suitable presents itself. 

To summarise; remember that asking questions not only separates yourself from other candidates by asking great questions during your interview, but also helps you determine how well you will fit into the company!

A good candidate will prepare questions in advance to both help gain an understanding of challenges in the role and minimise hesitations your future employer may have.

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