How to Succeed in Your Next Interview

So, you’ve scored an interview – great work! Now you need to get ready for it. Acing an interview is all about putting your best foot forward. This can, understandably, seem a little daunting or overwhelming, particularly if you haven’t had an interview in a long time. However, a little preparation goes a long way and we have some tips to get you started:

Learn About The Company

Spend some time learning as much as possible about the role and the company hiring. If you know anyone who works there (or you’re working with a recruiter), find out what they know. If you can, learn about the people who will be interviewing you as well and prepare some questions to ask them about the role, company or their experience.

Remember Common Interview Questions

The age old “what are some of your strengths and weaknesses?” is still a question that may pop up in your interview! By anticipating common questions like this, you won’t be caught out during the interview. You can easily find lists of standard interview questions or reach out to your recruiter – they’ve heard it all! Make sure to think about how you might answer and even list out some bullet points, but avoid writing out the entire answer to ensure you sound natural when answering. 

Dress for the job

Plan your outfit ahead of time. What you wear will depend on the company you are applying with – your research about the company should help here! Make sure your outfit is clean and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Get in the right headspace

You’re prepared and you look the part, now you need to feel the part! Take some time to relax and focus on you. Breathing techniques before the interview can help and make sure to get a good night’s sleep. Don’t be afraid to have notes prepared for details or questions you want to remember but make sure you do it the day before so you can relax afterwards and get that quality sleep. Most of all, be yourself. The right job is the one that suits you best!

Follow up

Ask for your interviewer’s contact information at the end of the interview and follow up with a brief message expressing your interest and gratitude for the interview opportunity the following day. If you applied for the job through a recruiter, get in touch with them and let them know how it all went.

Interviews don’t have to be overwhelming. Arm yourself with the above and, if you want some more advice or are still looking for a job in rail, construction or mining, get in touch with our recruitment team today.