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The Best Questions To Ask A Recruiter

Sometimes it is challenging to know what type of questions you should ask a recruiter. If a recruiter contacts you, they typically think that you will be suited to a role they are trying to fill. It is important to … Read more

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5 Habits Of Highly Successful Recruiters

Are you a successful recruiter? Powerful recruiters understand that their role is more than just landing a candidate their dream job because it involves building connections and relationships with the candidates as well as the businesses they are engaging with. … Read more

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Why Should I Use A Recruitment Agency?

Thinking of changing jobs? Don’t know where to begin? The idea of change can be confronting, but with the help of a specialist recruiter to find the perfect fit, it might not be so hard after all! Here at 2XM … Read more

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How To Conduct A Virtual Interview

COVID-19 has made us look at things in a slightly different way, and the conducting interviews is one of those things! A virtual interview requires less preparation, and can be facilitated in your office, allowing for a smoother process overall. … Read more

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The 5 Best Questions To Ask In An Interview

Some interviews may feel like interrogations; although, they really shouldn’t! Remember that as much as you’re being interviewed, you’re also interviewing the company. The best potential candidates aren’t just trying to know what the company is thinking – they’re thinking … Read more

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Meet the Team: Rebecca Hamilton

Last month, we sat down with Rebecca, a Recruitment Consultant at our Victorian office. Interesting fact: I’ve jumped out of 3 planes – one of which I got to share the experience with my dad, as my friend bailed out … Read more

2XM Recruit Perth Team Anniversary Lunch

Talking Growth and Culture with Sam Turner

As part of our 10th anniversary celebrations, we wanted to sit down with some of the original team members of 2XM Recruit to discuss successes over the last decade. We recently had a chat with Regional Director for Western Australia … Read more

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What Motivates You in Your Career?

As 2020 is drawing to a close, you may be thinking about your current career path and what could be next. One thing many don’t consider is what motivates you and keeps you on this path. As a child, maybe … Read more