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2XM Recruit: Melbourne Cup

At 2XM Recruit, we know the importance of creating good culture within your business so that staff feel included and supported. We see having regular social events as a strategy for creating great culture.  One of our celebrations this year … Read more

Top Things Employees Look For In A New Job

What do you look for in a new job? Do you value flexibility and transparency? Do you prefer autonomy and feeling valued? Since the Covid-19 pandemic, employees are understanding more of what they value in a job. These factors are … Read more

Job Advertisements that Attract the Right Candidates

The current job market is competitive. Therefore, sourcing the best candidates is difficult. However, with a job description that nails what the position entails and the specific skills required, you will be sure to attract quality candidates.  Here at 2XM … Read more

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Tips for Working From Home: NSW Office Edition

Getting distracted by your dog? Not feeling as productive as you would be in the office? Missing work colleagues in real life? The contemporary work environment is all about working from home. These unprecedented times have dragged on longer than … Read more


Rethinking the Traditional Workplace

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers and companies to rethink the notion of the ‘traditional’ workplace. The traditional career map needs a new model as the pandemic saw employees sent home to complete their daily tasks rather than … Read more


Tips For A Successful Mining Application

With job openings increasing since the beginning of COVID-19, we think it is more important than ever to nail those applications on the first go! As we specialise in the engineering, rail, mining and construction industries, we want these candidates … Read more


Tips For Updating Your LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn currently has 660 million registered users, with almost half of them being active on a monthly basis! LinkedIn is a great tool to market your brand as a potential employee, and it is also frequented … Read more

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2XM Recruit In The Community: National Volunteer Week

2XM Recruit In The Community: National Volunteer Week In honour of National Volunteer Week, the 2XM Recruit team helped out where they could in the community! We chatted with Edel Larkin, Principal Consultant, who recently helped a homeless candidate find … Read more

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Things A Recruiter Should Never Do

Recruiters will usually undertake plenty of interviews throughout the year. While they may have high expectations of their potential candidates, it is important to remember that people will have high expectations of them too! Top performing recruiters still need to … Read more