Systems Integration Engineer
Sydney New South Wales, Australia
$120,000 Per Annum Super
This exciting new project is seeking a Systems Integration Engineer to work in Sydney. 

The role of the System Integration Engineer is to support the System Integration process implementation to ensure the system integration activities for the Railway Systems are properly and efficiently executed, support the TSOM/FIW and TSOM/TSOM integration to fulfil the intents as set out in the requirements and support the overall System Integration of the railway line comprising of SMCSW and SMNW.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist the implementation of system integration progress and quality monitoring mechanism suitable for cross organizations and cross disciplines purposes
  • Assist the implementation of a mechanism where system integration issues could be identified as early as possible and their timely resolution to minimize impacts
  • Be confident to prepare SI Acceptance Test documentation and test excutions on site;
  • Prepare reports on the overall SI progress of the project;
  • Coordinate the relevant groups in addressing system integration risks, issues and progress deficiencies;
  • Proven experience in management of system integration of multi-disciplinary projects of new and renewal projects is desired.
Candidates should have an Engineering Degree and at least 4 years in System Integration.  Proven experience in new and renewal projects is desired. 
You will be joining a group of passionate people in this new project.
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