Senior Mechanical Engineer
Brisbane Queensland, Australia
The candidate will assist the Principal Mechanical Engineer with hands on assistance for a 6 month contract role based on the following criteria:
• Investigate material differences that arise from different vehicles in the same class
• Interrogate SAP for material information
• Liaising with vendors for their knowledge and support of issues
• Update work instructions and check sheets that trade staff use to complete the work by determining how components are to be replace, what materials required, working with suppliers to arrange the supply and providing advice to trade staff of the activity.
• Going to vendors and assisting with repair recommendation of components
• Working with trade staff in the maintenance depot to identify solutions to issues as they arise
• Provide details to the team of drafters for as built drawing markups
Applicants must have :
Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree.
• Rail Safety Worker.
• No RPEQ is required.
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