How To Conduct A Virtual Interview

COVID-19 has made us look at things in a slightly different way, and the conducting interviews is one of those things! A virtual interview requires less preparation, and can be facilitated in your office, allowing for a smoother process overall.

From the candidate’s perspective, it can allow for them to feel at ease, resulting in more authentic responses to your questions. Here at 2XM Recruit, we have devised a list of things you can do in order to conduct an effective virtual interview!


1. Test your setup before the actual interview

It isn’t an online interview if someone doesn’t have technical problems right? In order to mitigate any tech hiccups on the day of the interview, we recommend that you test your environment first.

This may mean setting up a mock interview with another person in the office, and can include checking for things like sound, visuals and positioning of your camera. Remember that your potential candidate will be nervous, so you need to do anything possible to ease those nerves! 

2. Set the expectations from the beginning

It is vital to outline how the interview will be conducted from the outset. We recommend telling your interviewee the timeline of the interview. Once you have covered this, and conducted the interview, we also think it is best to tell them the process beyond the screens. 

Will you be conducting more interviews? Are they the last candidate? How long will the next step take? More importantly, we strongly recommend contacting your candidate regardless of whether they have been successful or not.

3. Names all of the interviewers 

In a lot of cases, there will be more than one person in the virtual interview. Maybe not in the first round interviews, but most probably later on. It is vital that everyone is introduced to the interviewee.

This will help them feel settled as well as giving them an opportunity to use names throughout the interview. It is also a perfect opportunity to test their attention to detail by noting whether they do remember your names!


4. Choose a quiet location 

There is nothing worse than being constantly asked, “Sorry, can you repeat that, I cannot quite hear?” If you are in a noisy environment, your virtual interview will not be very successful. You owe it to your potential candidate to make sure you are in a quiet place, where audio is clear.

Make sure there is no background music or conversations that can be heard.

Pro tip: Wear headphones that actually block out external noise!

A well-conducted video interview will allow the potential candidate to feel at ease and put their best foot forward when it comes to a future job. While it may make showcasing your company and its culture a bit trickier, it can be a faster alternative to in-person interviews. At 2XM Recruit, we have devised the above list to ensure that you will nail every virtual interview here-on-in!

If you have any further questions about virtual interviews, contact our friendly team online today!