How a Recruitment Agency Can Help You Right Now

As COVID-19 restrictions ease, working with specialist recruitment agencies with skilled, knowledgeable staff is crucial in supporting the economy’s upturn. While many companies may be reevaluating finances and trying to cut costs, it’s important to consider the value and long-term savings of working with a recruitment agency. Before you commit to managing all your recruitment requirements in-house, take a look at some of the key benefits of working with a credible recruitment partner like 2XM Recruit can bring:

1) Process management: Recruitment agencies know how to multitask!

Recruiting new staff is no easy task! From advertising the role, sifting through multiple applications, and organising interviews through to negotiating salaries and start dates, there’s a lot of time and resources involved in getting a new staff member on board. Attracting and retaining talent through a recruitment agency should relieve this stress and pressure. At 2XM Recruit, we strive to work as an extension of your team, dedicated to refining and managing the recruitment process for your unique organisation and its goals.

2) Speed: Recruitment agencies can help your business stay on track

With so many things to do, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that recruiting is also time-consuming. Even more so if you try to get someone to do it in-house on top of their normal role! A recruitment agency like 2XM Recruit will assign a dedicated specialist to your business who will not only be recruiting every day, but also has access to a bank of candidates they can pull from initially that can cut out some steps in the process. You can then focus on the running of your business while we work to find your perfect recruit in the background!

3) Cost-effective: Recruitment agencies can save you money

Despite what many think, recruitment agencies are actually very cost effective. By working with a recruiter, you don’t have to pay for job ads, no one in your team has to dedicate working hours to the task and a recruitment agency’s contacts and expertise mean everything happens faster and more efficiently. By allowing you and your team to focus on their jobs and enlisting the help of specialists who have the tools and skills needed, you can save a lot of money by the time a new staff member joins your team!

4) Quality network: Recruitment agencies have a wider pool of candidates

As mentioned briefly above, recruiters have a bank of candidates they can pull from as they work to build relationships with people in the industry every day. This applies not only to candidates actively looking for a role, but also those who aren’t yet out there applying. This means that by constantly identifying and engaging with hard to find, hidden talent, our recruitment consultants can provide you with candidates that haven’t entered the market yet, giving you better quality candidates that you won’t find elsewhere. It also means the quality of the candidates are higher, as we understand both what you need and what candidates can offer and are looking for.

5) Industry knowledge: Recruitment agencies who specialise in one area are specialists for a reason!

At 2XM Recruit, we are proud to specialise in four key areas: rail, mining, construction and engineering. By focusing on these industries specifically, we can be more immersed in the field and our recruiters are genuinely interested and in the know. This allows us to offer a service that is very granular, rather than recruiters who cover a broader space.

There are many more benefits from partnering with a recruitment agency like 2XM Recruit outside of the above. Why not contact us to discuss how our team of specialist recruiters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth can find the perfect candidate for your organisation?