Career Path Journey – Employee Edition: Donford Bird

At 2XM Recruit we value every employee and the journey that they take with our company. As part of our Career Path Journey series, we look to explore a career journey with one of our employees. 

This time we chatted with Donford Bird.

Donford is the State Manager for Victoria, and has been with the company for three years and three months. We asked him some questions about his career so far with 2XM, and here is what he had to say.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

On a day-to-day basis, Donford manages the Victorian team for 2XM Recruit, and also does other tasks such as key account management, new business development and a billing consultant.

What drives you to get results for your clients?

When asked what drives him to get results for his clients, Donford said, ‘I am a Perfectionist that is eager to impress and wants to see results with the promise of a knowledge based consultative (recommending and guiding) approach.’ He knows that by understanding the issue or problem you can ‘use an understanding of how business acumen works to try to provide solutions. ‘

Just like Donford, here at 2XM we recognise that being a self-starter who shows initiative to problem solve is a great quality to have in an employee.

What are the greatest challenges in your line of work?

Covid-19 brought plenty of challenges to all industries. Currently, there is a shortage of candidates in the market that makes finding the right candidate more of a difficult process. Above all, Donford recognises that you should find someone who can ‘have laughs and enjoys good team spirit’, which is not always easy to do either. However, with the right team behind you, the search is possible.

What do you love about working at 2XM Recruit?

Coming to work, and loving what you do adds to employee morale and productivity. Donford likes that at 2XM he and his team make a habit of setting high standards and delivering on the promises they make for their clients. While this may not always be easy, it is about going the ‘extra mile’ to get the job done!

Finally, we asked Donford one last question.

Biggest tip for getting into recruitment?

When asked about tips for getting into the industry, he said, ‘Find your own sales Mojo and deliver on whatever Is promised!’

At 2XM Recruit, we think sharing your career journey is so important. Whether it be to your mentee or your team at work, you never know what tips may help people wanting to know more about a career in recruiting. 

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