5 Habits Of Highly Successful Recruiters

Are you a successful recruiter? Powerful recruiters understand that their role is more than just landing a candidate their dream job because it involves building connections and relationships with the candidates as well as the businesses they are engaging with.

They understand that placing a person is the perfect balance between skill, intuition and practice. Here at 2XM, we have devised the top 5 habits to make any recruiter a successful one! 


1. Being Personal

It is vital that a recruiter actually tries to know their candidate so this means you need to ask them about their hobbies and what they value in life. By understanding these things about a person, it will help you in placing them in the right environment!

Part of being personable is holding a genuine conversation about the goals of your candidate. But do  not to talk too much because listening is also an integral role in being a recruiter!


2. Being Patient 

Patience is a virtue as they say. A potential candidate may come to you lost about their career progression so it might not always be a quick or easy process to place a candidate. If this is the case, you need to prove to your candidate that you are willing to be there through the whole process – no matter how long!

It will not only help you build a great reputation in the industry, but should also create trust between yourself and the potential candidate! As they say patience is a virtue, and it is no different in the recruitment game.  


3. Leveraging Social Media

Where would we be without social media? In the recruitment game, it connects you with a candidate database. Social media is a great way to connect with potential candidates on platforms such as LinkedIn, and over the years this app has been incredible because it has created a community of people eager to progress their careers in whatever discipline they are in.

A potential candidate also has the ability to switch on a little checkbox in their profile, acknowledging they would like to be contacted by recruiters for opportunities in their space. Look out for that! 


4. Have energy and enthusiasm

Often when people are looking for jobs, they become unenthusiastic. This can especially happen if they are not successful in their endeavours. A successful recruiter will have the ability to read the situation, but also try and create new excitement in a potential candidate.

Recruiters will have worked with thousands of candidates so they will be able to give interview and preparation tips to further build enthusiasm. Finding a job can be hard and draining, but a recruiter will be there to reignite that job search enthusiasm! 


5. Be proactive 

Proactive recruitment looks at searching for the right people before you need them! A successful recruiter will understand that the world of hiring is so much more than finding the right candidate for a role and then moving on. They will already have a database of potential candidates, so that when a vacancy does come up, they are straight onto it! By being personal to begin with, you should have already created connections with some of these people!

Want to be a successful recruiter? At 2XM Recruit, we recommend following our top 5 tips to get there!

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