It’s Our 10th Anniversary!

Today we celebrate 10 years of 2XM Recruit! We had a chat with Founder and Managing Director, Steve Turner, about the past decade and the future of our growing recruitment agency.

Based in the UK, TXM group saw an opportunity to branch out into Perth. Offering over two decades in the engineering and technical recruitment industry, Steve was integral in the growth of 2XM Recruit, TXM Group’s Australian recruitment arm.

“I’d just sold my previous recruitment company and saw this as a final career challenge, with the opportunity to create a business which had the potential and backing to be something special within its field,” Steve said.

Starting from scratch in a huge office engulfing just three small desks, 2XM Recruit came from humble beginnings. A now-infamous red vinyl 3-piece suite and wall hangings purged from home were the only decorations.

From just two people, the Perth office eventually grew enough to warrant a move to a new space in South Perth, overlooking the Swan River. 2XM Recruit also expanded locations, with an office opening in Sydney in 2012, followed by Brisbane and Melbourne in the following years. With 30 staff, including 360 degree consultants and specialised talent resourcers, the agency has become a national company across the 4 dedicated divisions of Engineering, Construction, Mining and Rail.

Christmas 2012 Christmas 2014

Over these 10 years, the industry has seen a lot of growth and change for the better.

“Personally, I’d have to say the greatest developments have been within the software areas of the industry,” Steve said.

“We’ve invested heavily in this area, providing our staff with improved efficiencies, which in turn promotes increased productivity. Our systems now interact together from the all-encompassing recruitment process, inclusive of payroll to contractor care and safety analysis.”

While COVID-19 means there can’t be the kind of celebration originally planned for the anniversary this year, each state is still having a small event with a national video hangout to share the fun.

And the future of 2XM Recruit looks bright despite the challenges of 2020.

“We have plans to establish an office in Singapore, and are in initial conversations around New Zealand – both joint ventures with our sister company 2XM Projects to service the South East Asian market,” Steve said.

“We now have the people, reputation, and ability to develop our market share and can’t wait to see what the next decade brings!”

Steve went on to say 2XM Recruit is built on its people and the true achievement is the journey itself, while assembling a wonderful team of employees dedicated to being the best they can.

2xm 10 year anniversary celebration 2xm 10 year anniversary - perth

As rail, mining, construction and engineering continue to see growth, 2XM Recruit is ready to help employers and job seekers find their footing for many decades to come.

Want to be part of the journey? Get in touch today.